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Claire Marie Lim is a Singapore-born music technologist, multi-disciplinary artist, electronic musician (under her artist project dolltr!ck), and educator (under her teaching moniker the smol prof) based in the United States. She specializes in live electronic performance, production, and programming, and is an advocate of women and Asian representation in music technology.


Claire works with artists and clients as a live experience designer, music producer, audio programmer, sound designer, consultant, and more. In education, she is certified with Bitwig, Ableton, and Apple, and is a professor at Berklee College of Music (Boston campus), Berklee NYC (New York campus), Berklee Online, and the City University of New York. Her active artistic practice as dolltr!ck highly informs her teaching and collaborations, keeping her on her toes and up to date about the latest advancements and contemporary topics in the industry.

Claire Marie Lim TR-8

A lifelong listener of music, Claire was surrounded by the arts from an early age. Between dance lessons encouraged by her mother, rock radio hits played by her father, and jazz classics from her grandparents' records, she developed an eclectic taste for sound and the strongest of desires to be creative. The upright piano gifted to her by her Oma was a welcome distraction at home, and was undoubtedly one of the catalysts for her artistic career ahead.


As a teenager, Claire's enterprising spirit blossomed. She obtained diplomas in classical piano and flute performance from the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, and pioneered Korean pop a cappella productions on YouTube, even being scouted for international reality television talent competitions. She subsequently attended the National University of Singapore and Berklee College of Music, graduating after extensive studies in production, composition, songwriting, electronic performance, ethnomusicology, and dance via the Boston Conservatory.

While in college, Claire slipped headfirst into the abyss of electronic music at large, emerging from its depths as a DJ, remixer, and live performance designer for Grammy-winning and Billboard-charting artists, including Alphabet Rockers, Rachel Z, My Brightest Diamond, and Nona Hendryx of Labelle. Even at school, she collaborated with esteemed artists and professionals, including Suzanne Ciani, DJ Shortee, and Hank Shocklee of Public Enemy, and was involved in the launch of Berklee's Electronic Digital Instrument (EDI) program, a groundbreaking initiative that allows students to audition for the colelge with live electronics as their principal instrument. She was presented the Imogen Heap Award by Berklee's Electronic Production & Design department, in recognition of her innovative achievements and technical excellence, amongst other scholarships and awards that she received for her contributions.

Claire Marie Lim Suzanne Ciani

Claire moved on to work in the industry as a creative force behind-the-scenes, wearing hats such as that of a playback engineer, performance rig designer, remixer, live sound engineer, live show advisor, and more. She is now known for her dynamic live electronic music performances as an independent artist, displaying forward-thinking creativity and virtuosic sets that have taken her to esteemed venues and events across the globe and on the World Wide Web. She is an ambassador of the "Hannah Montana" lifestyle, as a college professor by day and performer-producer-writer by night (not to mention DJ by weekend, including for international conventions such as KCON).


Regardless of the time, audiences can find Claire's music content across the Internet under her "dolltr!ck" and "the smol prof" projects, ranging from electronic music production tutorials to live looping shows and Twitch streams. She provides instruction and independent consultations for a range of skill levels and topics, including K-12 electronic music programming, college-level lecturing in creative technologies, and mentoring for professional musicians. In addition to teaching in person, she is a facilitator for a variety of specialized online programs and MOOCs that cover music technology, on platforms such as Coursera and Soundfly.

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More information about Claire's professional work can be found here.

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