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Colors of Us is a project developed as part of the Queens Council on the Arts' 2018-2019 Artist Commissioning Program. Claire was one of four artists in the Queens borough of New York selected to create a work to fill cultural gaps in the community, with the help of a team of art producers. Aimed at connecting with and empowering female-identifying youth of Asian descent, Colors of Us comprises an album of electronic-based music and a live performance show of said album's music. More information about the work is also available on Claire's QCA artist page.

Click to listen to Colors of Us.


Many thanks to:

The Queens Council on the Arts for commissioning this work

Michelle Huang and Kiana Wong for graphic design

The New York chapter of the Asian Creative Network for their support

Ramon Frias of Ward 8 Studios for photography and videography

The students of participating schools in the Queens, New York community

You, for visiting this page (more below)! ٩(◕‿◕)۶

Colors of Us World Premiere (September 2019)

A Note from Claire

After conducting one of my workshops on music production for elementary schoolers, one of my students came up to me. "You're the first lady I've seen who looks like me that makes beats," she said earnestly. "It's really cool. I want to tell my parents about you."

I thanked her and gave her a high-five. "We do exist," I assured her, "even though that we're not always seen by everybody." She beamed.

As a woman of Asian descent pursuing music technology in the United States, I am aware of how I am a minority in the field. This is the very reason I avidly support the representation of diverse identities in the arts and in entertainment.


"Colors of Us", a project I'm able to create thanks to the support of the Queens Council on the Arts, is the realization of a new musical collection made in collaboration with young female-identifying students of Asian descent residing or having roots in Queens. The music will comprise mostly electronic elements as well as integrate other influences, including traditional music from the cultures of those involved, and will ultimately be premiered as a live performance in Queens, New York in August 2019.

"Follow" (December 20th 2019)

"Different Ever After" (December 27th 2019)

"Make It Better" (January 3rd 2020)

"Back To You" (January 10th 2020)

"Skylight" (January 17th 2020)

"Proud" (January 24th 2020)

"That Feeling" (January 31st 2020)

"Two of Spades" (February 7th 2020)

"One Step" (February 14th 2020)

"Roots" (February 21st 2020)

"Colour" (February 28th 2020)

"Sister Sister" (March 6th 2020)

"Look for a Fight" (March 13th 2020)

"Fighting On" (March 20th 2020)

"Leap of Faith" (March 27th 2020)

Full Album! (April 3rd 2020)

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Stay tuned for more music, coming in 2023!

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