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Own Devices is a suite of pieces for Motion & Electronics, originally developed as Claire's senior thesis under Berklee College of Music's Electronic Production & Design department. Her mentoring professor was Dr. Richard Boulanger, with additional guidance from other Electronic Production & Design faculty and visiting scholars.


Exploring the relationship between movement and live electronic music created in real-time, the piece was accompanied by research on alternate controllerism, gestural control, and audio-visual programming for the purpose of live performance.



Own Devices is a suite of pieces for motion and electronics that explores the outcomes of choosing to succumb to one’s emotions at various points in time. The performer contributes in real-time to the creation of an audio-visual experience, by spontaneously generating musical gestures with her movement and interacting with existing composed electronic music.


The version of Own Devices presented at the end of the Spring 2018 semester featured four episodes from the suite, each of which featured a unique system of performance controllers.


  • Episode 1: Orientation - “the determination of the relative position of something or someone, especially oneself”

    • Featuring the iCubeX GForce3D sensors and Source Audio Hot Hands​

  • Episode 2: Infiltration - “the surreptitious entrance into a place to acquire protected information or cause damage”

    • Featuring the Leap Motion controller, iCubeX GForce3D sensors, and Source Audio Hot Hands​

  • Episode 3: Vexation - “the state of being annoyed, frustrated, or worried”

    • Featuring the ​iCubeX GForce3D sensors, Source Audio Hot Hands​, and Claire's color tracking system in Max/MSP/Jitter

  • Episode 4: Elucidation - “the explanation that makes something clear”

    • Featuring the Source Audio Hot Hands and Claire's color tracking system in Max/MSP/Jitter​

Behind The Scenes

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